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Arden Health Trust based in Warwickshire, is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to resolve health inequalities both locally and internationally. It is well recognised that government funded health sector activities alone cannot eradicate health inequalities. The trustees have a wide range of both public and private sector experience to help facilitate a stronger relationship between the health sector and its social partners; in order to harness community participation in healthcare provision.




Albert Benjamin



Dr Albert Benjamin

Managing Director

BA (Cantab) 1972
MA (Cantab) 1975
MBB Chair (Cantab) 1975
FRCS 1980
Medical Director Walsall Doctors on Call (WALDOC)
Managing Director Humanitas Healthcare Services

Dr Benjamin has successfully provided NHS commissioned surgical procedures for more than 20 years. His clinical interests include primary and community day surgical procedures, Vasectomies, (no scalpel and minimally invasive), Carpal Tunnel decompression, Trigger finger Release, skin surgery (excluding melanomas), cosmetic skin procedures, the removal of simple and complex lumps and bumps, joints and soft tissues injections, and in growing toenail surgery.

He also has an abiding interest in clinical commissioning especially in patient and public engagement, and commissioning for self-care and holistic medicine. He is a member both the Self Care Forum, and the College of Medicine.

He is a keen Trainer and Educator interested in providing training and education for future generations of primary and community-based Surgeons. Finally he is an enthusiastic advocate for internationalising the ethos, values and best practices of the NHS, (particularly the importance of Primary Care) in developing countries.

Past roles included:

  • Minor Surgery Lead Walsall TPCT
  • Caldicott Guardian
  • Walsall Practice Based Commissioning Lead
  • Public & Patient Involvement Champion


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